CNA is now privileged to have several new volunteers - some who are working nearly full time in the production department. Amongst these are two musicians who are composing for the channel. These volunteers are working together in a decentralised fashion using email and video conferencing as their main communication tools. This growing team is a great encouragement to CNA. Our production output is increasing! We take this opportunity to let you know that we are seeking ongoing help in the areas of web site administration, development and social networking. We are equipped and very happy to collaborate with people on these areas working from wherever they are currently based and giving just a few hours each week.

CNA partners with many ministries and at the beginning of Summer partnered with UFM (Unreached Field Missions) to shoot a youth series in Tunisian Arabic of 13 episodes called Shabbah Xpress. There is a strong possibility that this series will be ongoing. It is expected to air in December 2013.
This is a new venture, and we hope there will be more productions like this in the future.

Prior to the summer break in France (July/August), CNA received a couple from the US who came to help with our websites. We would like to express our appreciation for the hundreds of hours of detailed work they did in order to create new functionality on our sites. Some of you may have noticed that our Website has changed look. What you may not have noticed is that there is now some very useful new funtionality available to visitors:

Testimonies - each time you visit our site you will see a different testimony on the left hand side of the page. By clicking on "Exciting testimonies" on the top of the page you can read another 10 taken from more than 150 testimonies that CNA has received.

Bible verses - each front page of our website now contains a Bible verse from a selection that was made by us.

Program schedule - by clicking on "Program schedule" on the top of the page you can see what is being broadcast on CNA at any time. If you want to see what will be broadcast on a future day you can also select a desired date and get its schedule. The titles of each series have been translated into both English and French. If you are interested in any particular series click on the time (highlighted in blue) and you will bring up a list of when that particular series will be broadcast in the future.
We are working towards extending this same functionality to two more languages: Arabic and Kabyle with the goal of providing a friendly website for speakers of these languages.